Who is Sherlock Holmes and Sir Arthur Canon Doyle?


Sherlock Holmes is a detective that is created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. His character is based in London and is known to be a very intelligent detective who could provide excellent logical reasoning. Not only a detective but he also had a lot of interest in experimenting, so he can also be considered as a chemist. Sherlock Holmes is an amazing detective as he is very curious to solve any case and may go beyond limit to solve it. He was a person that anyone could find hard to live with because of his strange behavior, weird habits and high level of stubbornness.
He is a very tall guy as he is more than 6 feet and his quite skinny which leads him to look taller. His eyes are sharp and he has a hawk like nose. Due to his extraordinary character and popularity today based on his stories people make movies and television series.

Interesting facts about Sherlock Holmes-
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the author of Sherlock Holmes was also surgeon surprisingly. Not only that while reading the story I found out that Holmes’s hobby was boxing and loved cricket. After doing a small research I got know that Sir Arthur Canon Doyle was a boxer and as well as a really good cricketer.
Sir Arthur used to also study Medicine at the University of Edinburg. It has been said that while he was studying, he started to write Sherlock Holmes and this is the reason behind why the description of all the experiments in the story is given so perfectly.
It has been said that Holmes is based on real man who Dr. Joseph Bell. Dr. Joseph Bell was a forensic scientist in the University of Edinburg and Sir Arthur Canon Doyle was his student. The way Dr. Joseph Bell use to teach Sir Arthur Canon Doyle, it influenced him to write a story about Dr. Joseph Bell.

If you want to know more about Dr. Joseph Bell’s influence on Sherlock Holmes, you may visit this site.

These are some fun facts about Sherlock Holmes. Please do click the link below to know the facts.


Sir Arthur Canon Doyle was a British Writer and as well as a Physician. He was born on 22nd May 1859. He is really famous for his creation of Sherlock Holmes and he got really famous after publishing his first novel “A study in scarlet” which was about Sherlock Holmes. Sir Arthur Canon Doyle was one the first few writers who started to write about mystery fiction. The way and the flow his stories have are just amazingly praiseworthy.
The link given below is for you to know more about Sir Arthur Canon Doyle and please do watch the video over there.


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