Dr. Watson

The story began with a Doctor called Watson who was sent to Afghanistan as an Assistant Surgeon because a war was taking place over there. While reading the story I realized Dr. Watson is the narrator of the story. I believe that Sir Arthur Canon Doyle, the writer had used Dr. Watson as the narrator in the story because he probably wanted to the readers to understand more specifically about Sherlock’s Holmes and how is he as person which I really liked. I believe as it in Watson’s point of view, I can understand Sherlock better.
After a while staying in Afghanistan Dr. Watson had got injured as he got shot. Even though he started to recover, the government had still sent him back to England. Seeing the way the Dr. Watson was recovering, I realized that he is very strong mentally and physically as he did not want to give up and kept on trying to get better like practicing to walk.
When Stamford and Dr. Watson met each other, Dr. Watson mentioned “The sight of a friendly face in the great wilderness of London is a pleasant thing indeed to a lonely man.”, I wondered was London that really crowded, wild and a rough country? I even thought that why does Dr. Watson consider himself lonely, what is the reason for him to be lonely? I even thought Dr. Watson might be also be depressed as he was lonely.
While going to the laboratory Mr. Stamford mentioned about Holmes that, “He is not a man that it is easy to draw out, though he can be communicative enough when the fancy seizes him.” this caught my mind, because this shows what an unusual person might Sherlock Holmes be and he might be interesting to read about. While Watson and Stamford were going to the laboratory to meet Holmes, they were describing the setting. During that time the streets of London were very much crowded which made me understand how unorganized London was before.
After reading I bit, I understood the context is based on the 19th century as only back in 19th century the streets of London were dirty. As I read I found out that the laboratory was a lofty chamber which had endless bottles and tables scattered with test tubes and Bunsen lamps with flickering flames. After reading the description of laboratory I was like the setting is so intense but at the same time it was quite interesting and I would love to do experiments in laboratories like this.
The most amazing part when Sherlock Holmes met Dr. Watson was that he guessed that Dr. Watson was in Afghanistan where as they were meeting for the first time. This has made me really amazed and surprised which shows that he is quite smart and secretive. While Mr. Watson was having a conversation with Holmes, I got to know a lot about Holmes’s character. Holmes was doing an experiment with blood with a lot of eager, the way he was dragging Dr. Watson to see the experiment and when he got the results, he was happy like when a kids get a new toy. This explained me that how he loves experimenting with chemicals which can be taken as a hobby. The thing that caught my mind was that why was Sherlock experimenting with blood? Where did he get the blood? Whose blood was it? Is the blood related to any murder? Then I started to think is Study in Scarlet a murder story?
Mr. Stamford mentioned to Holmes that “You happen to be a walking calendar of crime” which made me understand that he is well updated about crime. While reading chapter 1 I think Holmes enjoys smoking and playing violin which can also be taken as his hobby. When Holmes said this statement, “I get in the dumps at times, and don’t open my mouth for days on end. You must not think I am sulky when I do that” these made me feel weird because this statement refers to what unusual and strange characteristics Holmes has. Overall I enjoyed Sir Arthur Canon Doyle’s creation of Sherlock Holmes because he is character that is unique, amazing and an unusual character to read about.


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