Chapter 2


As days passed Dr. Watson started to observe Sherlock Holmes. He understood one thing that Holmes is not studying Medicine although he is very knowledgeable but is very good with experiments which made me realize that Dr. Watson is very smart, well educated and had excellent observation skills. I did a bit of research about 221b Baker Street the address where Sherlcok and Watson lived that is it a real place in London or not. After the research I got to know that Sir Arthur Canon Doyle created 221b Baker Street but now in London people created a place called 221b Baker Street where there is a museum about Sherlock Holmes. I was amazed how popular Sherlock Holmes is and how people in his respect opened a museum for him. Sometimes I think if I was in Sherlock Holmes’s place than I would be so famous and I would also I have museum after my me.
As Dr. Watson told that apartment is desired in every way, I started to I wish also had such a nice apartment with fully furnished furniture. I liked the way Sir Arthur Canon Doyle described the apartment, it felt like he was describing my dream apartment. Dr. Watson concluded that Holmes is a normal person with normal habits which made me realize that I was wrong as I thought he would have a weird behavior. Although I am not completely wrong because sometimes Holmes used to lie down on the couch and not talk to anyone the whole day which had continued for days which I completely disliked. As days passed Dr. Watson got so eager to know what Holmes actually does that he started to jot down the things what Holmes had the most interest in which shows that Dr. Watson is a very good inquirer. Throughout his observation he got to know that Holmes is an expert boxer and has good knowledge in British law.
As days passed Dr. Watson started to observe Holmes more and I think that Mr. Watson is a very curious person and works really hard to his research. The living room was mostly used by Holmes and he use to say it to Watson that he is sorry but he needs the room for business purpose. One day Dr. Watson got a lot of evidence and matching them with his research, he got to know that Holmes is secret detective. This totally shocked me, and now I understood the reason why he is a “Walking Calendar of Crime”, has a good knowledge on British law and used to use the living room for his business purpose. . Holmes does not want to expose himself as a detective because he thinks there is less crime and what’s the use of his profession than. But I believe Holmes should tell everyone that he is a detective than he can get more cases and the people can come to him anytime if they are in problem. Now I can conclude that genre of this novel is mystery, crime fiction and as well as detective fiction. I believe while Sir Arthur Canon Doyle was writing this story, a lot of crime were taking place in London and the police force was quite probably weak. So I think the context of the story is also based on the 19th century’s crimes. It was really brilliant of how Sir Arthur Canon Doyle got the idea of writing a mystery story and he was the first Arthur who introduced a fictional detective to the entire world.

If you want to visit the Sherlock Holmes Museum, than you may want to click the following link for more information-


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