Chapter 3


This chapter is probably the most exciting chapter in the story. Finally! Finally, a case has come to be solved by Sherlock Holmes. This chapter totally explains that the genre of the story is mystery because a murder case came to be solved.
In this chapter, they basically tells us that the commissioner had sent a letter to Sherlock Holmes telling that there has been a murder in Lauriston Gardens, off the Brixton Road and he wants Holmes to go and solve this mystery. I did research about the Lauristion Garden and the most amazing part was that there is actually a place called “Lauristion Garden” but it is in Edinburgh not in London and now I am going to crazy to go there. I even found out that Sir Arthur Canon Doyle used to live near the Lauristion Garden.
Seeing Dr. Watson’s excitement and eager, Holmes offered Dr. Watson to go with him. I can conclude that Dr. Watson was a very adventurous person and loved discovering new things. As they reached the garden, they started to describe the setting. I feel the setting was very dull, dark and boring to be around. As they started to look for clues in the house, Holmes and Dr. Watson figured out that the man who was murdered was American and was about to go to New York. They even figured out “RACHE” was written with the murderer’s blood and Holmes and “RACHE” means “Revenge” in German. But I thought why would it be in German, why not in French?
Holmes even figured out that the murderer was more than six feet, had small feet for his height, wore coarse, square-toed boots and smoked a cigar, and this made me realize that how perfectly Holmes can recognize people without even seeing them which shows he is quite experienced. At the end the chapter, I must say that Holmes has excellent detective and reasoning skill and as he could figure out the murderer’s height which shows he is really good in maths. I was thinking that is this how scary murders took place in London on the 19th century. The way Sir Arthur Canon Doyle explained every single detail just amazed me and shows how he is a huge fan of mystery.

If you want to know interesting facts about the Lauriston Gardens and how it is related to Sir Arthur Canon Doyle, than you may visit the following link.


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