Chapter 4 & 5


By reading these two chapters, I must say even though Mr. Watson is not a detective but he is as smart and trained as a detective. I wish I was also as smart as Dr. Watson and if I was in his place than it would be very fun for me to solve such interesting cases with Sherlock Holmes. If we talk about the setting, we can say that during the 19th century, people used hansom which looked like carriages which were taxi cabs during that time.
The way Watson planned everything to catch the murderer was perfectly done which shows how smart and courageous he is. As Watson posted the picture of the ring on the paper it shows that that the context is based on the 19th century because if it was in based in today’s world then people would have posted the picture on the internet in different social media sites. I could even say that Holmes has an excellent explanation in whatever he is trying to prove. I must even conclude that the detective was brilliant because when the police came, he was acting drunk so that people can’t catch him. Another time, the murderer sent another guy to dressed up as an old lady, so that the police can’t catch him which shows how smart he is. Seeing every time how the murderer is running away and how Sherlock and Watson is trying to catch him, it refers everytime that this story is a mystery story.
I was really amazed how smartly the murderer was playing the game and I found the story very interesting as the story started to get intense. I was also amazed that how smarty people did murders and how people used try to save themselves back in the 19th century. It is really brilliant of Sir Arthur Canon Doyle to describe the crimes so perfectly that we can relate it to today’s world’s crime.


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