Chapter 6 and 7

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Detective Gregson

These two chapters were mostly about how they finding out the murderer. In chapter 6 there was another detective whose name was Gregson who was also working as the same case as Holmes and Dr. Watson was. In these two chapters, they even mentioned about “the Baker Street division of the detective police force”. After seeing that, I did a bit of research that where did the author get the idea of putting Baker Street division of the detective police in the story. After my research I figured out during that time in London there were a lot of detective agents and that is how the author got of putting them in the story. “Baker Street division of the detective police” in real life is called as Baker Street Irregulars or Street Arabs.
Although Gregson couldn’t find the actual murderer but Holmes could and this shows how smartly Holmes can solve mysteries. Later in chapter 7, they revealed that instead of one murder, there were actually two murders and the murderer was a cab driver called Jefferson Hope. After knowing that a cab driver can murder anyone so easily, it made me realize that how much crime was taking place in the 19th century in London and how people were unsafe because a common man could even do murder. Just imagine you are sitting in a cab where the cab driver is a murderer; just imagine how scary it would be. I would rather not in any taxi cabs back in the 19th century.The genre is definitely mystery as finally the case has been solved.
I really like how Sir Arthur Canon Doyle makes Sherlock the hero of the story by making him solve all the mysteries. while reading all these chapters, by reading the description of Sherlock Holmes at some I thought he was in real life and he is really close to my heart. I must say hats off to Sir Arthur Canon Doyle for creating such an amazing character that people really love.


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