A Study Of Scarlet VS A Study Of Pink

guyg The Differences

Study in Scarlet was published on the year 1887 in the Strand Magazine. The Study in Pink was aired on 25th July, 2010 in the BBC channel.

 In “A Study in Scarlet” the story is spoken by Dr. Watson’s perspective but in “A study in pink”, it is from a 3rd person’s perspective. I think it was in a 3rd person’s perspective because I think when it’s in a 3rd person’s point of view, it is easier for the audience to visualize and understand the act more accurately.

 The names are different. “A study in scarlet” means a study of blood and “A study in Pink” means a study of the color pink.

 “A Study in Scarlet” was written on 1887, so the setting was also according to the 1800’s. “A study in pink’s” setting is based on today’s world. So basically the setting of “A study in pink” is modernized.

 In “A study in scarlet” it starts of saying that Dr. Watson returned from the war and was staying in England. In “A study in Pink” it started off by saying that Dr. Watson was having a nightmare about his army days in Afghanistan”. In both Study in Scarlet and a Study in Pink, Dr. Watson had returned from Afghanistan.

 In “A Study in Pink” it says that Dr. Watson writes a blog because his psychotherapist had said him to write one, so that he can move on from the war. But in Study in Scarlet, Dr. Watson did not even attend any psychotherapist and most importantly in the 1800’s there was not even any computers or any other electronic devices to write blog.

 The similarity is that Mr. Stamford is the one who introduces Dr. Watson to Sherlock Holmes. But the difference is that in a study in scarlet, Dr. Watson met Mr. Stamford in a bar and in a study in pink, Dr. Watson met Mr. Stamford in a park.

 Another interesting difference is that in “A study in the scarlet” Dr. Watson was shot on the hand and in a “Study of pink”, Dr. Watson was shot on the leg.

 In the “Study of scarlet”, when Dr. Watson met Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock was completely sure that he came from Afghanistan. But in the “Study of pink”, Sherlock Holmes said Afghanistan or Iraq. I think Sherlock Holmes said Iraq because during the time when the TV series was being shot, I think a war was taking place in Iraq.

 In the book, they told how dirty the streets of London were and how much crowded it was but in the TV series, they showed that London was quite clean and organized. Not only that but in the book, they used transports like carriages but in the TV series they used taxi cabs.

 In the TV series, everyone said to Watson that Sherlock was crazy and might do a murder himself one day. But in the book, no one said about Sherlock to Watson anything such like that.

 In the story there were 2 murders and in the TV series, there were 4 murders. In the book “Rache” was written with blood and in the TV series, “Rache” was curved with finger nails on the floor.

 In both TV series and book, the murderer was a cab driver.

 Another difference is that in the “study of scarlet”, the murderer was arrested and taken to the jail and in the “Study of pink”, the murderer was shot. What I think? According to me I think “A study in scarlet” is better than “A study in pink” because “A study in scarlet” is more descriptive, better to understand and more clear to deliver the message. As the “Study of Scarlet” was a mystery based on the 1800’s, I think the setting of “A study in pink” should have also been according to the 1800’s. Although I must Benedict Cumberbatch who played the role of Sherlock Holmes in the TV series has done an amazing job and it is definitely praiseworthy.

If you want to watch the trailer of Study In Pink, than please do click the link below.


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