The Final Problem Vs The Reichenbach Fall


The Final Problem was published on the year 1893 on December on the Strand Magazine. The Reichenbach Fall aired on the January 15, 2012 on the BBC channel.

 In the Final Problem, it starts off by showing how Sherlock gets attacked and in The Reichenbach Fall, it starts off by showing that Dr. Watson visits a therapy saying that Sherlock Holmes is dead and he looked very disturbed.

 In The Final Problem, they mentioned that Dr. Watson came back from a holiday to Baker Street and the day Dr. Watson came back to Baker Street, Sherlock even returned to Baker Street that same day. In Reichenbach Fall, Dr. Watson and Sherlock were already living in Baker Street; they never went for a holiday.

 I noticed that in The Final Problem, Sherlock and Dr. Watson looked like middle age men but in the Reichenbach Fall, Sherlock and Dr. Watson looked very young.

 In the Final Problem, they said Professor Moriarty had shown that he had stolen the painting of Monalisa and that is how Sherlock and Moriarty’s fight began. In the Reichenbach Fall, they showed that Moriarty had stolen jewel crown.

 If we talk about the setting in the final problem than they showed museums, stations and different places in Europe and as well as Switzerland. In the Reichenbach Fall, the setting was only based in London but they did show museums, hospitals, courts and laboratories. The one common setting between both of them was the Baker Street’s house. Although we could say that the streets of London in the final problem was really crowded and in the streets of Reichenbach fall in London were not that crowded.

 To find Moriarty, they showed that Sherlock and Dr. Watson had to travel to some places of Europe in the final problem but in the Reichenbach Fall, Sherlock and Dr. Watson had stayed in London to find Moriarty.

 The most interesting difference according to me that in Reichenbach Fall they were telling Sherlock Holmes created Moriarty and saying that Sherlock was a fake detective which was not mentioned in the final problem.

 Another interesting difference I found out was that in the final problem they told that a lady is dying and asks Dr. Watson to go and check out that lady out. In the Reichenbach Fall, they tell to Dr. Watson that their landlord has been shot and Dr. Watson goes to her. As usual the similarity was that there was no old lady dying and the landlord was not shot.

 In the final problem they showed that Sherlock and Moriarty died while fighting with each other pushed away each other in the waterfall and they die. In the Reicenbach Fall they show that Moriarty kills himself first with the gun and then Sherlock jumps of the building.

 In both them, before dying Sherlock leaves a message for Watson. In the final problem he left a note for Watson and in the Reichenbach Fall, Sherlock made a phone call to Watson and said his last few words saying that to tell to everyone that he was a fake detective and he created Moriarty but Watson didn’t believe him.

 The most interesting part for me in the Reichenbach Fall, when Watson visits Sherlock’s grave and walks away, they show Sherlock.

 If we talk about the context than the context of the final problem is based on the 19th century as the setting, the dress up of the characters and the use of technology resembles the 19th century. In the Reichenbach Fall, it is all based in today’s world which you will understand by seeing the dress up, the setting and the use of technology.

 The genre for both of them is obviously mystery and crime as they mention about kidnapping, stealing, killing people, and all other things related to crime.

 The characters are the same in both of them. in both them I noticed that Sherlock Holmes is a very hard working man and extremely sincere to his work as he can go beyond limits to solve the case and can also give up his life to save the country from crimes. Not only a hard working man but also a very good friend because to save all his closed one’s lives, he risked his own life. Dr. Watson is also a very good friend as he never left Sherlock in any of the problems alone and he is always very curious to experience new things. According to me Professor Moriarty is very determined man to take his revenge from Sherlock and is ready to do anything to defeat him.


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