The Final Problem

You can watch the Final Problem using the link the given below.

The genre of the final problem is definitely mystery because throughout the whole Final Problem Sir Arthur Canon Doyle mentioned about investigation and crime. The way Sherlock and Dr. Watson had planned and did everything to find Moriarty it was like a puzzle and in mystery stories puzzles are their which are meant to be solved.
The context is totally based on the 19th century that is for sure because the architecture of all buildings, the dress up, the use of technology and the setting was totally based on the 19th century.
Sherlock Holmes is probably the most good friend anyone could get because he is ready to risk his life for the entire world so that everyone can get rid of Moriarty and if he wanted he could have taken Watson but he didn’t. He is a very determined man towards his work because what he pans, he actually does to catch the criminal.
Dr. Watson is also a very good friend because no matter what happen he never left Sherlock alone. He is very adventurous as he likes to experience investigations with Sherlock. Not only a good friend but he also is a very good doctor because when he heard about an old lady was dying, without any second thought Dr. Watson rushed to her to help.
Professor Moriarty is very sharp minded criminal who is very much sincere to take revenge from Sherlock and badly wants to defeat him.
The architectures of the buildings were quite old. They showed museums, some places of Europe and as well as Switzerland, and stations.
What I felt?
After watching The Final Problem, I realized I have an uncle whose behavior is totally Sherlock Holmes. Although my uncle does not talk much but when he does, his explanations are so perfectly explained and some of his activities even match Sherlock. To be honest, I did not enjoy watching the Final Problem because I found it very boring as I felt the setting looked very old and dull and I didn’t find any interesting dress up or setting that could attract me. Although I enjoyed the last part when Sherlock Holmes was dying but it was also very emotional.


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