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The Final Problem

You can watch the Final Problem using the link the given below.

The genre of the final problem is definitely mystery because throughout the whole Final Problem Sir Arthur Canon Doyle mentioned about investigation and crime. The way Sherlock and Dr. Watson had planned and did everything to find Moriarty it was like a puzzle and in mystery stories puzzles are their which are meant to be solved.
The context is totally based on the 19th century that is for sure because the architecture of all buildings, the dress up, the use of technology and the setting was totally based on the 19th century.
Sherlock Holmes is probably the most good friend anyone could get because he is ready to risk his life for the entire world so that everyone can get rid of Moriarty and if he wanted he could have taken Watson but he didn’t. He is a very determined man towards his work because what he pans, he actually does to catch the criminal.
Dr. Watson is also a very good friend because no matter what happen he never left Sherlock alone. He is very adventurous as he likes to experience investigations with Sherlock. Not only a good friend but he also is a very good doctor because when he heard about an old lady was dying, without any second thought Dr. Watson rushed to her to help.
Professor Moriarty is very sharp minded criminal who is very much sincere to take revenge from Sherlock and badly wants to defeat him.
The architectures of the buildings were quite old. They showed museums, some places of Europe and as well as Switzerland, and stations.
What I felt?
After watching The Final Problem, I realized I have an uncle whose behavior is totally Sherlock Holmes. Although my uncle does not talk much but when he does, his explanations are so perfectly explained and some of his activities even match Sherlock. To be honest, I did not enjoy watching the Final Problem because I found it very boring as I felt the setting looked very old and dull and I didn’t find any interesting dress up or setting that could attract me. Although I enjoyed the last part when Sherlock Holmes was dying but it was also very emotional.


The Final Problem Vs The Reichenbach Fall


The Final Problem was published on the year 1893 on December on the Strand Magazine. The Reichenbach Fall aired on the January 15, 2012 on the BBC channel.

 In the Final Problem, it starts off by showing how Sherlock gets attacked and in The Reichenbach Fall, it starts off by showing that Dr. Watson visits a therapy saying that Sherlock Holmes is dead and he looked very disturbed.

 In The Final Problem, they mentioned that Dr. Watson came back from a holiday to Baker Street and the day Dr. Watson came back to Baker Street, Sherlock even returned to Baker Street that same day. In Reichenbach Fall, Dr. Watson and Sherlock were already living in Baker Street; they never went for a holiday.

 I noticed that in The Final Problem, Sherlock and Dr. Watson looked like middle age men but in the Reichenbach Fall, Sherlock and Dr. Watson looked very young.

 In the Final Problem, they said Professor Moriarty had shown that he had stolen the painting of Monalisa and that is how Sherlock and Moriarty’s fight began. In the Reichenbach Fall, they showed that Moriarty had stolen jewel crown.

 If we talk about the setting in the final problem than they showed museums, stations and different places in Europe and as well as Switzerland. In the Reichenbach Fall, the setting was only based in London but they did show museums, hospitals, courts and laboratories. The one common setting between both of them was the Baker Street’s house. Although we could say that the streets of London in the final problem was really crowded and in the streets of Reichenbach fall in London were not that crowded.

 To find Moriarty, they showed that Sherlock and Dr. Watson had to travel to some places of Europe in the final problem but in the Reichenbach Fall, Sherlock and Dr. Watson had stayed in London to find Moriarty.

 The most interesting difference according to me that in Reichenbach Fall they were telling Sherlock Holmes created Moriarty and saying that Sherlock was a fake detective which was not mentioned in the final problem.

 Another interesting difference I found out was that in the final problem they told that a lady is dying and asks Dr. Watson to go and check out that lady out. In the Reichenbach Fall, they tell to Dr. Watson that their landlord has been shot and Dr. Watson goes to her. As usual the similarity was that there was no old lady dying and the landlord was not shot.

 In the final problem they showed that Sherlock and Moriarty died while fighting with each other pushed away each other in the waterfall and they die. In the Reicenbach Fall they show that Moriarty kills himself first with the gun and then Sherlock jumps of the building.

 In both them, before dying Sherlock leaves a message for Watson. In the final problem he left a note for Watson and in the Reichenbach Fall, Sherlock made a phone call to Watson and said his last few words saying that to tell to everyone that he was a fake detective and he created Moriarty but Watson didn’t believe him.

 The most interesting part for me in the Reichenbach Fall, when Watson visits Sherlock’s grave and walks away, they show Sherlock.

 If we talk about the context than the context of the final problem is based on the 19th century as the setting, the dress up of the characters and the use of technology resembles the 19th century. In the Reichenbach Fall, it is all based in today’s world which you will understand by seeing the dress up, the setting and the use of technology.

 The genre for both of them is obviously mystery and crime as they mention about kidnapping, stealing, killing people, and all other things related to crime.

 The characters are the same in both of them. in both them I noticed that Sherlock Holmes is a very hard working man and extremely sincere to his work as he can go beyond limits to solve the case and can also give up his life to save the country from crimes. Not only a hard working man but also a very good friend because to save all his closed one’s lives, he risked his own life. Dr. Watson is also a very good friend as he never left Sherlock in any of the problems alone and he is always very curious to experience new things. According to me Professor Moriarty is very determined man to take his revenge from Sherlock and is ready to do anything to defeat him.

A Study Of Scarlet VS A Study Of Pink

guyg The Differences

Study in Scarlet was published on the year 1887 in the Strand Magazine. The Study in Pink was aired on 25th July, 2010 in the BBC channel.

 In “A Study in Scarlet” the story is spoken by Dr. Watson’s perspective but in “A study in pink”, it is from a 3rd person’s perspective. I think it was in a 3rd person’s perspective because I think when it’s in a 3rd person’s point of view, it is easier for the audience to visualize and understand the act more accurately.

 The names are different. “A study in scarlet” means a study of blood and “A study in Pink” means a study of the color pink.

 “A Study in Scarlet” was written on 1887, so the setting was also according to the 1800’s. “A study in pink’s” setting is based on today’s world. So basically the setting of “A study in pink” is modernized.

 In “A study in scarlet” it starts of saying that Dr. Watson returned from the war and was staying in England. In “A study in Pink” it started off by saying that Dr. Watson was having a nightmare about his army days in Afghanistan”. In both Study in Scarlet and a Study in Pink, Dr. Watson had returned from Afghanistan.

 In “A Study in Pink” it says that Dr. Watson writes a blog because his psychotherapist had said him to write one, so that he can move on from the war. But in Study in Scarlet, Dr. Watson did not even attend any psychotherapist and most importantly in the 1800’s there was not even any computers or any other electronic devices to write blog.

 The similarity is that Mr. Stamford is the one who introduces Dr. Watson to Sherlock Holmes. But the difference is that in a study in scarlet, Dr. Watson met Mr. Stamford in a bar and in a study in pink, Dr. Watson met Mr. Stamford in a park.

 Another interesting difference is that in “A study in the scarlet” Dr. Watson was shot on the hand and in a “Study of pink”, Dr. Watson was shot on the leg.

 In the “Study of scarlet”, when Dr. Watson met Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock was completely sure that he came from Afghanistan. But in the “Study of pink”, Sherlock Holmes said Afghanistan or Iraq. I think Sherlock Holmes said Iraq because during the time when the TV series was being shot, I think a war was taking place in Iraq.

 In the book, they told how dirty the streets of London were and how much crowded it was but in the TV series, they showed that London was quite clean and organized. Not only that but in the book, they used transports like carriages but in the TV series they used taxi cabs.

 In the TV series, everyone said to Watson that Sherlock was crazy and might do a murder himself one day. But in the book, no one said about Sherlock to Watson anything such like that.

 In the story there were 2 murders and in the TV series, there were 4 murders. In the book “Rache” was written with blood and in the TV series, “Rache” was curved with finger nails on the floor.

 In both TV series and book, the murderer was a cab driver.

 Another difference is that in the “study of scarlet”, the murderer was arrested and taken to the jail and in the “Study of pink”, the murderer was shot. What I think? According to me I think “A study in scarlet” is better than “A study in pink” because “A study in scarlet” is more descriptive, better to understand and more clear to deliver the message. As the “Study of Scarlet” was a mystery based on the 1800’s, I think the setting of “A study in pink” should have also been according to the 1800’s. Although I must Benedict Cumberbatch who played the role of Sherlock Holmes in the TV series has done an amazing job and it is definitely praiseworthy.

If you want to watch the trailer of Study In Pink, than please do click the link below.

Chapter 6 and 7

images (2)
Detective Gregson

These two chapters were mostly about how they finding out the murderer. In chapter 6 there was another detective whose name was Gregson who was also working as the same case as Holmes and Dr. Watson was. In these two chapters, they even mentioned about “the Baker Street division of the detective police force”. After seeing that, I did a bit of research that where did the author get the idea of putting Baker Street division of the detective police in the story. After my research I figured out during that time in London there were a lot of detective agents and that is how the author got of putting them in the story. “Baker Street division of the detective police” in real life is called as Baker Street Irregulars or Street Arabs.
Although Gregson couldn’t find the actual murderer but Holmes could and this shows how smartly Holmes can solve mysteries. Later in chapter 7, they revealed that instead of one murder, there were actually two murders and the murderer was a cab driver called Jefferson Hope. After knowing that a cab driver can murder anyone so easily, it made me realize that how much crime was taking place in the 19th century in London and how people were unsafe because a common man could even do murder. Just imagine you are sitting in a cab where the cab driver is a murderer; just imagine how scary it would be. I would rather not in any taxi cabs back in the 19th century.The genre is definitely mystery as finally the case has been solved.
I really like how Sir Arthur Canon Doyle makes Sherlock the hero of the story by making him solve all the mysteries. while reading all these chapters, by reading the description of Sherlock Holmes at some I thought he was in real life and he is really close to my heart. I must say hats off to Sir Arthur Canon Doyle for creating such an amazing character that people really love.

Chapter 4 & 5


By reading these two chapters, I must say even though Mr. Watson is not a detective but he is as smart and trained as a detective. I wish I was also as smart as Dr. Watson and if I was in his place than it would be very fun for me to solve such interesting cases with Sherlock Holmes. If we talk about the setting, we can say that during the 19th century, people used hansom which looked like carriages which were taxi cabs during that time.
The way Watson planned everything to catch the murderer was perfectly done which shows how smart and courageous he is. As Watson posted the picture of the ring on the paper it shows that that the context is based on the 19th century because if it was in based in today’s world then people would have posted the picture on the internet in different social media sites. I could even say that Holmes has an excellent explanation in whatever he is trying to prove. I must even conclude that the detective was brilliant because when the police came, he was acting drunk so that people can’t catch him. Another time, the murderer sent another guy to dressed up as an old lady, so that the police can’t catch him which shows how smart he is. Seeing every time how the murderer is running away and how Sherlock and Watson is trying to catch him, it refers everytime that this story is a mystery story.
I was really amazed how smartly the murderer was playing the game and I found the story very interesting as the story started to get intense. I was also amazed that how smarty people did murders and how people used try to save themselves back in the 19th century. It is really brilliant of Sir Arthur Canon Doyle to describe the crimes so perfectly that we can relate it to today’s world’s crime.

Chapter 3


This chapter is probably the most exciting chapter in the story. Finally! Finally, a case has come to be solved by Sherlock Holmes. This chapter totally explains that the genre of the story is mystery because a murder case came to be solved.
In this chapter, they basically tells us that the commissioner had sent a letter to Sherlock Holmes telling that there has been a murder in Lauriston Gardens, off the Brixton Road and he wants Holmes to go and solve this mystery. I did research about the Lauristion Garden and the most amazing part was that there is actually a place called “Lauristion Garden” but it is in Edinburgh not in London and now I am going to crazy to go there. I even found out that Sir Arthur Canon Doyle used to live near the Lauristion Garden.
Seeing Dr. Watson’s excitement and eager, Holmes offered Dr. Watson to go with him. I can conclude that Dr. Watson was a very adventurous person and loved discovering new things. As they reached the garden, they started to describe the setting. I feel the setting was very dull, dark and boring to be around. As they started to look for clues in the house, Holmes and Dr. Watson figured out that the man who was murdered was American and was about to go to New York. They even figured out “RACHE” was written with the murderer’s blood and Holmes and “RACHE” means “Revenge” in German. But I thought why would it be in German, why not in French?
Holmes even figured out that the murderer was more than six feet, had small feet for his height, wore coarse, square-toed boots and smoked a cigar, and this made me realize that how perfectly Holmes can recognize people without even seeing them which shows he is quite experienced. At the end the chapter, I must say that Holmes has excellent detective and reasoning skill and as he could figure out the murderer’s height which shows he is really good in maths. I was thinking that is this how scary murders took place in London on the 19th century. The way Sir Arthur Canon Doyle explained every single detail just amazed me and shows how he is a huge fan of mystery.

If you want to know interesting facts about the Lauriston Gardens and how it is related to Sir Arthur Canon Doyle, than you may visit the following link.

Chapter 2


As days passed Dr. Watson started to observe Sherlock Holmes. He understood one thing that Holmes is not studying Medicine although he is very knowledgeable but is very good with experiments which made me realize that Dr. Watson is very smart, well educated and had excellent observation skills. I did a bit of research about 221b Baker Street the address where Sherlcok and Watson lived that is it a real place in London or not. After the research I got to know that Sir Arthur Canon Doyle created 221b Baker Street but now in London people created a place called 221b Baker Street where there is a museum about Sherlock Holmes. I was amazed how popular Sherlock Holmes is and how people in his respect opened a museum for him. Sometimes I think if I was in Sherlock Holmes’s place than I would be so famous and I would also I have museum after my me.
As Dr. Watson told that apartment is desired in every way, I started to I wish also had such a nice apartment with fully furnished furniture. I liked the way Sir Arthur Canon Doyle described the apartment, it felt like he was describing my dream apartment. Dr. Watson concluded that Holmes is a normal person with normal habits which made me realize that I was wrong as I thought he would have a weird behavior. Although I am not completely wrong because sometimes Holmes used to lie down on the couch and not talk to anyone the whole day which had continued for days which I completely disliked. As days passed Dr. Watson got so eager to know what Holmes actually does that he started to jot down the things what Holmes had the most interest in which shows that Dr. Watson is a very good inquirer. Throughout his observation he got to know that Holmes is an expert boxer and has good knowledge in British law.
As days passed Dr. Watson started to observe Holmes more and I think that Mr. Watson is a very curious person and works really hard to his research. The living room was mostly used by Holmes and he use to say it to Watson that he is sorry but he needs the room for business purpose. One day Dr. Watson got a lot of evidence and matching them with his research, he got to know that Holmes is secret detective. This totally shocked me, and now I understood the reason why he is a “Walking Calendar of Crime”, has a good knowledge on British law and used to use the living room for his business purpose. . Holmes does not want to expose himself as a detective because he thinks there is less crime and what’s the use of his profession than. But I believe Holmes should tell everyone that he is a detective than he can get more cases and the people can come to him anytime if they are in problem. Now I can conclude that genre of this novel is mystery, crime fiction and as well as detective fiction. I believe while Sir Arthur Canon Doyle was writing this story, a lot of crime were taking place in London and the police force was quite probably weak. So I think the context of the story is also based on the 19th century’s crimes. It was really brilliant of how Sir Arthur Canon Doyle got the idea of writing a mystery story and he was the first Arthur who introduced a fictional detective to the entire world.

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